Diagnosing Wisdom Teeth

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At Galati Orthodontics, we see wisdom teeth that need to be removed virtually every day. Have you ever wondered if you might need to have your wisdom teeth pulled? We use a checklist evaluation to determine whether patients need their wisdom teeth to be removed, and you can find out more about it on this blog. Please tell us about it if you have any additional questions or concerns about wisdom teeth after you read this blog.

To determine whether you have wisdom teeth (and whether they need to be extracted), our orthodontist will first look for the wisdom teeth behind your second molars. Dr. Galati will ask you if you have felt any tenderness in this spot. If he doesn’t find any extruding wisdom teeth and you haven’t felt any pain in your jaw, he might decide to use a radiograph, also defined as an X-ray, to assess whether you have any wisdom teeth and where and how they would erupt if so. With this info, our doctor will be able to tell you whether you have wisdom teeth.

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