Essix Retainers
This is one type of removable retainer that our office offers to patients. These retainers are clear (invisible), completely cover the teeth, and prevent tooth movements in any direction. They can be very beneficial for people who have a habit of tooth grinding. Dr. Galati and our team would much rather you wear through your retainer than the enamel of your teeth!
clear aligner

Hawley Retainers
Hawley retainers are among the most common retainers offered by orthodontists. They are made up of a wire that extends across the front teeth and an acrylic base that, in the case of the upper arch, covers the roof of your mouth. These retainers can allow for the vertical eruption of teeth after braces are removed or, when given to children, can be adjusted to allow for the emergence of permanent teeth. The wire also allows for minor adjustments to individual teeth; however, after repeated removal and re-insertion, the wire may loosen or distort, which can lead to relapse.

Fixed (“Permanent”) Retainers
Occasionally, our office will use retainers that consist of a metal wire bonded to the inside of the front teeth to keep dental spaces closed and teeth aligned. These retainers require careful oral hygiene care because they can accumulate plaque and calculus throughout the day. When viewed from the front, these retainers are not at all visible.
fixed retainer

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