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5 Stars
“Dr. Galati and staff are very good people. My kids also enjoy their visits! We have been very pleased with the progress of my daughters treatments.”

-R. P.
5 Stars
“Dr. Galati and his staff are world class providers for all of our orthodontic needs. From the first phone call to schedule our consultation to the day they took my son’s braces off, we felt like the most important people in the office. As an adult, I also see Dr. Galati to maintain the invest my parents made so many years ago. I could not be more pleased with Dr. Galati’s comprehensive and timely treatment plans. Patient care and satisfaction are their number one priority and it shows every single time we’re in the office.”

-A. K.
5 Stars
“This is our second time of having braces done by Dr. Galati. He and his staff have always been very professional, polite, and caring towards the patient and family members. Dr. Galati’s skill, care and attention to detail have been second to none”

-S. O.
5 Stars
“Great results & the other child loved the gaming while he/she waited (depending on who was in the chair).”

-R. B.
5 Stars
After relocating to Scottsdale and consulting with new Dentist, I decided it was time to address years of time-consuming and expensive maintenance of all the restorations in my extremely-crowded mouth. I was concerned with failing functionality and future ‘menu prospects’. I decided on a complete set of ‘upper and lower’ veneers, which required strong support from good orthodontics.

I couldn’t be happier with her recommendation of Dr. Galati. He was able to create space that I didn’t imagine existed using the best technology and design….extremely professional. The veneers fit perfectly; cleaning and maintenance is effortless. The payback will far exceed the investment. Aside from the A+ results, the process was A+++!!! Dr Galati and his team were a real pleasure to visit. The staff was extremely friendly and committed to making my experience successful and comfortable. Their coordination with my dentist’s staff was seamless; each staff knew everything about my visits in real time. Scheduling appointments was almost automatic, and perfectly coordinated.

My bite alignment has improved and I’ve noticed a much better chewing function. Best of all, it’s much easier to clean and I’ve got a much better smile…. the best health-related decision I’ve made…wish I had done it earlier.

5 Stars
“Efficient, high-quality, very friendly staff. I could not ask for more!”

-N. S.
5 Stars
“Dr. Galati has been our Orthodontist since 2008, and we are very happy with how His treatment plan has helped our Son’s issues. The staff are very friendly and helpful, and we would highly recommend Dr. Galati’s office for any Orthodontist needs. ”

-R. E.
5 Stars
“If I could fill in 10 stars, I would have….
Dr. Galati’s office came highly recommended to me, as a great orthodontist office. Due to age, my teeth had shifted, and having once been in braces, as a girl, I decided to do it again. The office staff is extremely personable, and friendly, and made me feel very comfortable. I know they see a lot of children, and here I was, an adult woman.
I found Dr. Galati to be very kind, and knowledgeable, and made me feel at ease, with my decision (to do braces again).
I ended up having braces for about 8-9 months, and currently wear a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth. I also have a retainer that I wear for my top teeth.
My phone calls were always taken, when I had a question, or a concern.
Dr. Galati has been voted Top Doctor/Dentist/Orthodontist, in the valley, and it is easy to see why!
The location of the office, is convenient, also – just right off of Princess and the 101.
I get a lot of compliments on my teeth, and my smile 🙂 and am very glad that I chose Dr. Galati’s office, for my braces!”

-J. D.