Comprehensive treatment begins when most or all of the permanent teeth have erupted. It typically involves braces on the upper and lower teeth. Clear aligners can can also be an option.

The purpose of comprehensive orthodontic treatment in combination with jaw orthopedics is to guide the growth and development of the jaws, align the permanent teeth, and establish a healthy bite. When jaw growth is already complete, as is the case for adults, orthodontic treatment places the teeth in correct positions for a proper bite, optimizes smile and facial appearance, and establishes proper jaw function.

Specific goals of comprehensive treatment include:

  • A more attractive smile for improved self-confidence
  • A proper bite for greater comfort and function
  • Proper alignment of the teeth
  • Less stress-induced wear and tear on the teeth, TMJs, and facial muscle
  • Improved distribution of forces on the teeth which leads to less abnormal wear of tooth surfaces
  • Reposition the teeth to accommodate other dental treaments (e.g., bridges, implants, veneers, etc.)

The length of your treatment will depend on the condition of your smile. Minor crowding or spacing in the front teeth may be corrected within 9-12 months. Moderate to severe crowding or gaps, or a bad bite, may need 18-24 months of treatment. In some complex cases, treatment can last longer than 24 months. At your initial visit with the orthodontist, we will determine the necessary length of treatment.

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