True orthodontic emergencies do not happen often, but when they do, we are always here to address the situation. As a general rule, please contact our office if you are experiencing severe pain, have broken part of your orthodontic appliance, or have a problem with an appliance that you cannot address at home. Although you may experience some discomfort immediately following an adjustment at the orthodontist’s office, you should not continue to feel pain.

If you call our office after business hours, you will be directed to an emergency phone number. We encourage you to learn the names of the parts of your appliances so you can accurately identify which piece is broken, out of place, or causing you unusual discomfort.


Power Chain — a series of “color ties” that are linked together

Irritating Wires
Poking metal wires can usually be tucked against the tooth or under the archwire, where it cannot irritate the gums and cheeks. To move the wires, use the end of a toothbrush, a Q-tip, or the eraser end of a wooden pencil. If you continue to experience irritation around the lips or mouth, you can blunt the end of the wire with wax or wet cotton. If you need to cut a wire, use a small, clean, sterilized fingernail clipper, and be careful not to swallow the small section of wire. Do not use pliers, as these can break appliances, harm the teeth and gums, and create greater problems.

Loose Bands or Brackets
If your bracket or band is loose but still attached to the wire, please leave it in place and apply wax to it. If your next visit to Galati Orthodontics is not due in the next few days, contact Dr. Galati for an emergency visit. Please call ahead of time if you do not have a regularly scheduled visit so we can ensure there is sufficient time to accommodate your emergency.

If you live in or around Scottsdale, Arizona, and have experienced an orthodontic emergency, please contact our office at 480-656-7801 right away to schedule a visit with Dr. Galati.