Do You Have Questions About Wisdom Tooth Removal?

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Wisdom teeth come with a lot of complexity, and many patients are left with concerning questions about having their wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Galati and our team are happy to address any concerns you have about your wisdom teeth so that you can be better informed. Below are some answers we have provided for frequently asked questions about wisdom tooth removal.

How many wisdom teeth need to be extracted?
As a general guideline, it’s ideal to remove any wisdom teeth in your mouth to prevent complications for your oral health. However, the number of teeth per patient can vary since not everyone develops all four wisdom teeth or needs to have them extracted.

Will I need to receive anesthesia during the procedure?
We typically provide anesthesia to ensure the treatment is comfortable, and you can receive main types of anesthesia–general and local. General anesthesia may leave you feeling groggy and disoriented after treatment, so you should arrange a ride home from our office in advance. Local anesthesia doesn’t put you to sleep, but still keeps you comfortable, and our orthodontist will help you decide which is right for you.

How long is the procedure?
Not everyone requires the same amount of time to have their wisdom teeth removed, as treatment time depends on how many teeth will be extracted.

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