Preventing Dental Stains Can Help You Enjoy Your Smile After Your Braces Have Been Removed

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Traditional braces typically include brackets that are cemented onto the faces of your teeth with a strong dental adhesive. Not only does it help hold the orthodontic components in place, but it also prevents the underlying tooth enamel from direct exposure to substances that can cause dental stains.

It’s important to note that the exposed tooth enamel will still be susceptible to dental stains. When Dr. Galati finally uninstalls your braces, there could be a stark contrast between the tooth enamel under the brackets and the tooth enamel that was exposed to dental stains.

Taking some minor measure and making a few simple changes in your daily habits will go a long way toward preventing dental stains during the realignment process.

There are certain things you might want to consider cutting back on during the process of realigning your teeth. This includes certain foods like dark berries and chocolate. If you like drinking dark beverages like coffee, tea, and dark soft drinks, you might want to try using a straw. This will reduce the amount of contact between the dark liquids and your teeth.

If you notice minor dental stains developing on your teeth, you can mention it to Dr. Galati at your next adjustment appointment.

If you had braces installed at Dr. Galati’s orthodontic clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, and you are concerned about dental stains, you can call 480-656-7801 to speak to a staff member at Galati Orthodontics.