Smile Therapy: Malocclusions

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Have you ever heard of the word malocclusion before? If you’re unaware of what a malocclusion is, it refers to a bad bite. Typically, malocclusions are related to issues associated with teeth out of their alignment and position. Orthodontic treatments are designed to treat malocclusions to give you the straight smile you’ve always wanted.

Most malocclusions often arise with the lower and upper incisors. This refers to the teeth in the front of your mouth. If you have issues where your lower incisors stick out farther than your upper incisors, underbites occur. Alternatively, overbites exist when upper incisors stick out past your lower incisors. Severe forms of deep bites can also occur. There may often be times when your upper and lower incisors do not even touch when you bite down. This form of malocclusion is known as an open bite. Another common form of incisor malocclusion refers to misplaced midlines.

Other forms of malocclusions that often arise include when your jawbone is not in its proper alignment. This is known as a crossbite. Malocclusions that arise due to overcrowded teeth and large gaps between teeth often require orthodontic alignments as well. In some situations, misalignments with your teeth in which your teeth are out of their proper alignment or teeth are not in their proper position, will require the use of an orthodontic alignment.

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